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Promotional Items

2019 National Speedway Calendar DOWNLOAD
2019 National Winter Speedway Calendar DOWNLOAD

 Licence Forms

Speedway Australia Licence Application DOWNLOAD
Vintage & Extraneous Events Waiver DOWNLOAD
Licence Upgrade Form DOWNLOAD
Speedway Australia Licencing Policy DOWNLOAD
Flag Test Form DOWNLOAD
Medical Standards Guide DOWNLOAD
Speedway Australia Medical Form DOWNLOAD


Insurance & Claim Forms

Personal Accident Injury Schedule of Benefits DOWNLOAD
Personal Accident Injury Product Disclosure Statement DOWNLOAD
Rain Out Cancellation Declaration DOWNLOAD
Personal Accident Injury Claim Form DOWNLOAD
Accident Incident Report Form DOWNLOAD


 Stewards, Appeals

Chief Steward Report Form DOWNLOAD
Disciplinary Tribunal - Appeal against a Chief Stewards Decisions DOWNLOAD
Disciplinary Tribunal - Mandatory Offence DOWNLOAD
Racing Officials Card - Key Points Document DOWNLOAD



Club Update Form DOWNLOAD
New Racing Division Approval Policy DOWNLOAD
Media Accreditation Policy DOWNLOAD
Speedway Australia Strategic Plan DOWNLOAD

Duty of Care Statement - General                                                                           DOWNLOAD

Duty of Care Statement - SCCA                                                                               DOWNLOAD