Speedway Australia are proud to launch our comprehensive National Training Program for Official’s accreditation. For the past year we have been developing an online platform for Officials training in conjunction with Divisional bodies such as Speedway Sedans Australia and the Sprintcar Control Council, to set a national standard of knowledge and skill sets required for Stewards and Scrutineers across every class of racing.

In the 96 years of Speedway in Australia, never has a singular comprehensive programme been offered across all classes, and all states. This new, interactive online programme covers all aspects of Speedway Officiating, from the fundamentals of being an official, to health and safety, Speedway racing rules and on-track scenarios. Further learning is provided with the help of Sports Australia, covering topics such as ethical decision making, communication skills and managing conflict.

The program allows for self-paced learning on your PC, mobile or tablet from the comfort of your own home – avoiding the need for time consuming and costly travel from remote areas, saving time and money for Divisional bodies, and the volunteers themselves.

Best of all – it’s free!

There are 3 courses on offer and you only need to enrol into one.

  1. Stewards Course – for people who wish to gain stewards accreditation only
  2. Scrutineers Course – for people who wish to gain scrutineers accreditation only
  3. Officials Course – for people who wish to gain both stewards and scrutineers accreditation





First Time, Renewal or Upgrade (Includes Media)

Please select the 'First Time Licence' if you haven't previously held a Speedway Australia licence. Select 'Renew a Licence' to update your current licence or click the 'Licence Upgrade' tab if you are transferring to a higher licence category.

One Day Licences

One Day Licences are available for all classes for practice day and competition events. NOTE: Restrictions apply on some classes when the day licence is being used under competition conditions. 

 Officials Cards