Pit Area Fire Extinguisher Rule

All speedway teams are required to carry as a minimum in the pit area/transporters effective immediately:

A 2.0kg Dry Chemical Powder Extinguisher OR GREATER. It must strictly be used with the following compliance points:

  1. The fire extinguisher is compliant with AS(Australian Standard)1841.5 and carries the Australian Standards Tick Certification sticker on the body of the extinguisher. AS1841.5 pertains to (powder extinguishers) design and commissioning standard.

  2. The standard AS/NZS1841.1 also is stamped on the bottom or rim of the Extinguisher under the powder coat or paint. AS/NZS1841.1 pertains to (General Requirements) for Design, and Commissioning Standard.

    Simply, most extinguishers imported into Australia usually carry these marks and or approvals. Please check for the above items before you buy.

  3. The extinguisher must carry a yellow date tag. This tag is the last part of the requirement and it ensures that the extinguisher is serviced and maintained in accordance to AS1851 section 15. The tag should have the standard AS1851 printed on it. In simple terms AS1851 section 15 means a deemed competent person services the portable fire extinguisher routinely ever six months. Such checks include: accessibility, anti tamper device, operating labels, tag, damage, corrosion, hose condition, pressure indicator, head or cap assembly, signage, bracket, discharge nozzle. If serviced correctly all of these items should be a pass only. You may find the tags hard to find, a fire protection company will have them. Retailers like hardware stores etc won’t have them.


Other types of fire extinguishers that will comply to this ruling are: