Board Members

The Speedway Australia Board is made up of:

4x Promoter Directors (nominated by promoter shareholders)

4x Competitor Directors (nominated by competitor shareholders)

1x Independent Director (nominated by the board)

This structure ensures the Speedway Australia Board acts in a manner that is beneficial to all Speedway participants.  To become a Speedway Australia Board Member, a Competitor or Promoter Director must be nominated by a majority of their respective shareholders.  This nomination must then be approved by a majority of all of the shareholders for the nominated person to be accepted.

Current Board Members

Guy Thompson - Latrobe Speedway
Chairperson / Promoter Representative

Damien McKern 
Vice Chairperson / Independent Representative

Darren Cassidy - RSA Sedans
Competitor Representative


John Kelly - Archerfield Speedway
Promoter Representative


Mark Cooper - Speedcars Australia
Competitor Representative


David Mills - Warrnambool Speedway
Promoter Representative


Gary Winterbottom - SCCA
Competitor Representative
Gavin Migro - Perth Motorplex
Promoter Representative 


 Greg Lynd - Speedway Sedans Australia
 Competitor Representative