NASR, was formed in 1997 when the Federation of Australian Speedway (FAS) and World Series Sprintcars combined to operate as the governing body for Speedway Racing in Australia.  

In 2011, NASR rebranded to become Speedway Australia, reflecting a wave of organisational changes and a better resourced governing body.

Speedway Australia currently oversees in excess of 80 track operators, 15 sanctioning bodies and over 12,000 licence holders comprising of drivers, car owners, crew, officials, media, safety team members and fire fighting workers.

As the peak body in Australian Speedway, Speedway Australia is constantly working diligently as an industry advocate and plays a vital role in representing the speedway industry in discussions with other major motor sport organisations, Government bodies and external regulators.

Speedway Australia is also responsible for an Australia-wide licensing system, which includes complimentary Personal Accident Injury Insurance.  Speedway Australia’s Insured Track system provides Group Public Liability Insurance at a rate that would be otherwise unattainable for individual Speedways.  


Our Mission:

To provide unity, leadership, direction and growth as the recognised peak body of speedway racing in Australia by:


Corporate Structure

The corporate structure of the organisation includes a company (Pty Ltd) and an Incorporated (Inc) association operating under the direction of a common board (Speedway Australia Board).  The Pty Ltd side of Speedway Australia acts as the commercial arm of the company, while the Incorporated side of Speedway Australia is responsible for running the sport of Speedway.

Speedway Australia’s legal structure commenced in 1998 based on comprehensive legal and accounting advice.  The structure was based on similar structures used by other sporting bodies such as CAMS.  The Pty Ltd arm of Speedway Australia was first established to provide equality between competitor and promoter groups, and to adequately resource the organization in order to support and grow Speedway in Australia.  Those groups who chose to financially support Speedway Australia have been vital for the success of Speedway as a sport.  The Speedway Australia Inc arm is also necessary as it enables NASR to attract Government grants and conduct sporting events on a not-for-profit basis.  It also enables Speedway Australia to purchase quality insurance products at affordable prices and enables the involvement of Speedway Australia State Branches.

Each state has an incorporated state branch to which tracks and competitor associations/clubs belong.  There is also National Council, through which the state branches collaborate in the process of rationalisation and development of common policies and procedures.