Safety and The SFI Foundations

SFI FoundationSpeedway Australia, as the peak body for Speedway racing, has a clear role to lead safety development.

Speedway Australia joined the SFI Foundation in 2006 for the benefit of all Speedway Stakeholders in order to provide all divisions with the benefit of an international safety standard.

The SFI Foundation is a non-profit organisation based in the USA and was established to issue and administer standards for specialty/performance automotive and racing equipment.  It generates a wide range of Quality Assurance Specifications for safety related motor sport products that form “accepted industry-wide standards” which have assisted in reducing accidents, injuries and fatalities, which in turn lowers insurance claims and litigation.

The SFI Foundation operates a test laboratory dedicated to the evaluation of safety products and has an extensive list of tested and approved racing apparel and equipment. For a comprehensive list of SFI approved manufactures visit the SFI Foundation web site.