One Day Pit Licences

Here you can purchase a licence to enter the pit area at any of Speedway Australia’s affiliated tracks. You will still need to liaise with the venue to receive admission to the facility, and they may charge a further premium to enter the pit area.

This licence costs $10 per day, and provides personal accident insurance cover, in accordance with this schedule of benefits (335KB pdf).

You need to enter contact details that match your drivers licence or other identification so your identity can be verified. You also need to agree to the terms and conditions of the release and indemnity.

Please click the 'Make Payment' button once only. If you don’t have instant success with your purchase, please double check your email inbox and wait 30 seconds before reattempting.

Events occurring over multiple days: Please select the first date that you wish to obtain a licence, and click the two or three day option as required.

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