Things may be winding down in the South as they near the end of the regular racing season, however the action doesn’t stop as our Northern tracks get set to kick off their 2019 activities.

Following the success of our National Calendar, Speedway Australia has put together a 2019 Winter Calendar, featuring our Northern Territory, North QLD and WA venues, as a handy .pdf document. This includes a comprehensive list of events, together with club contact details for each track racing throughout the Winter months. For those in the Southern states, these venues provide a great opportunity to get the car out of the garage and road trip to a warmer climate!

These are free downloads, so grab as many of them are relevant to you, and save to your phone or computer. As always, the information is subject to change, so please check with the relevant track website or Facebook page for any alterations.

Click here to download the 2019 Winter Calendar


Posted: 8/04/2019