Recently Speedway Australia were pleased to present a special award for Meritorious Contributions to Speedway. Michael Vanzetti is a well-known and loved member of Moora Speedway who on the weekend celebrated his 80th birthday, a perfect opportunity to recognise Michael’s dedication to our sport. Michael is a foundation member of the Central Midlands Speedway Association in Moora, having helped build the track and race at the first meeting held in 1967. Over the years he raced an FJ Holden, Ford Mainline Ute, XL and XK Ford Falcon’s. He was Vice President and took over as President when the incumbent left early. He was the club Handicapper for 8 years and helped start up Junior Sedans in 1975/76. All his 4 kids raced Juniors plus he provided cars for his nephews to begin their racing careers. He left speedway for a while to race Sport Sedans at Wanneroo Park (bitumen racing) from 1981 to 1987. When his grandkids came along, he helped them into speedway, providing cars, mechanical assistance, towed cars all over the state and mentored his kids, nieces, nephews and grandkids about mechanics, race craft and sportsmanship. Michael’s race number was 100 and we are now up to 123. From his legacy and love of speedway, 23 family members have raced all over Australia at State and National Titles, plus 3 have represented Australia in New Zealand, representing Moora Speedway and the Vanzetti racing name. Through his loyalty and dedication, he has grown a proud culture across the family and encouraged a wealth of long-standing members who are just as committed and dedicated to the sport. Outside the family he has fostered and supported many other drivers, lending tools, providing car parts and sharing advice. His continued positive promotion of speedway, wherever he goes, has long-lasting benefits for the sport. Michael Vanzetti is highly deserving of acknowledgement from Speedway Australia. Congratulations Mick!

Posted: 8/01/2021