With 70 track inspections due this year, it’s easy to see how a backlog can develop with the detailed inspection reports that are put together by Track & Safety Development Officer Liz Weaver. As a result, this week in Western Australia we’re unveiling our new Track Inspection Certificates, which complement the full reports that arrive in due course.

The certificates will be available to venues in both hard copy and electronic form, and detail both the star rating of the track and when the most recent inspection is valid to (12 months in NSW, 24 months everywhere else).

The aim of these is twofold – firstly to make it transparent to those at the venue that the facility has passed its most recent inspection, and secondly to enable venues to supply a copy of this confirmation to other relevant parties if they wish. On occasion there’s a need for a local council or other government agency to receive this information, and it can also be handy when applying for grants and national title hosting. By having this information readily at hand, it will make these processes easier for venues to co-ordinate.

Track inspections are a vital part of Speedway Australia’s brief, but we work with venues on a consultative basis to ensure matters are raised and dealt with for the overall benefit of the sport. There has been an unprecedented investment in venue infrastructure in recent years, with a massive list of improvements that we should all be proud of.  

A two-yearly inspection by Speedway Australia is one of the requirements for ongoing public liability insurance, and they are necessary every 12 months under NSW legislation – but no federal, state or territory legislation requires an inspection from any other organisation.


Posted: 3/05/2021