Every Speedway Australia track will benefit from the COVID-19 stimulus package announced today, with $100,000 to be set aside for venue operators who have affiliated with the organisation by electing to obtain Public Liability Insurance through the Marsh Australia scheme.
We have been asked numerous times about the possibility of fee relief for competitors, but believe our core focus for the upcoming season needs to be on ensuring that venues are able to open their gates and provide race meetings for competitors and fans. We already know of one (non-Speedway Australia) track that has permanently closed and are desperate to ensure that no others are put into the same position thanks to this crisis.
Funds will be allocated depending on the number of race meetings originally scheduled for the 2019/20 season, which ends this weekend. We are working through the details with Marsh Australia but intend to pay the funds directly to them in a lump sum if we are able to do so. This will keep red tape to a minimum, and with well over half of all tracks receiving more than $1000 they won’t need to stump up a deposit for the 2020/21 season insurance scheme.
More details will follow in due course, but in the interim we are extremely fortunate to be in a position to help tracks in this unprecedented fashion and hope our contribution will make a difference.
Posted: 26/06/2020