Thank you to Northline Speedway for hosting a fantastic weekend of action at the 2018-19 SKAA Australian Go Kart Title.

A big thank you to everyone at Northline Speedway, all the volunteers, competitors, crew and spectators for their support.

Results are as follows:

Sub Juniors sponsored by Salt Electrical (in alphabetical order)

Ashton Lung, Harrison Turnball, Lachlan Saxby, Maverick Mergard and River Spitzbarth

Juniors sponsored by ISAS
1st - Jac Laneyrie
2nd - Kaleb Sims
3rd - Kai Malley

Junior Standards sponsored by KC Fireworks
1st - Calem Saxby
2nd - Joel Buettel
3rd - Dakota Laverty

Standards sponsored by Shannon’s Insurance
1st - Alisha Fielder
2nd - Tyson Martin
3rd - Troy Evans

Modifieds sponsored by Bendigo Bank Coolalinga
1st - Nev Britton
2nd - Brad Cuneen
3rd - Joel Robertson

Outlaws sponsored by Holt Enterprises
1st - Jason Loft
2nd - Alisha Fielder
3rd - Steph Van Ginneken

125 Gear Box sponsored by Coast Cat Excavations
1st - Phil Perrot
2nd - Dennis Banicek
3rd - Joel Robertson

125 non Gear Box sponsored by Greener Grass NT
1st - James Eddie
2nd - Dylan Goodger
3rd - Kyle Lambe


Sphynx Photography
Posted: 8/07/2019