One of the nation’s smallest-sized tracks has its sights set on ‘making it big’, with Muswellbrook’s Lake Liddell the latest venue to partner with Speedway Australia, giving Speedway fans in the upper reaches of the NSW Hunter Valley a long-awaited new home.

Geared towards small open wheelers, karts, and production-based sedans, the petite 2-Star venue measures a mere 200m around the pole line, creating a unique ‘bullring’ racetrack unlike any other in the country.

“I’ve visited many speedway venues around Australia, New Zealand and the US, and I’ve never seen anything as exciting as the Millbridge Speedway Bullring in the US” said promoter Mitch Biner. “Liddell is as close to an exact copy of the North Carolina-situated 1/6th of a mile track, which has successfully run Outlaw Karts, Microsprints and most recently begun running full-sized USAC Speedcars”.

Formula Kart Events’ (FKE) Mitch Biner has worked with Lake Liddell landowner Ged Elphinstone in recent months to enhance the impressive on-site facilities and establish the sports presence in an area that hasn’t previously had a speedway track. The greater Hunter Valley stretching down to Newcastle is a major nursery for the sport and is the original home of speedway racing as we know it today. Lake Liddell looks to capitalise on this huge potential, which will be assisted by the benefits that Speedway Australia has to offer, particularly from a Sport Development perspective.

“This track more than any other puts the onus on the driver rather than the equipment and is ideal for someone new or looking to enter the sport to learn in a safe environment, without the huge speeds of a 400m or greater facility” said Biner. Lake Liddell has already proven popular with competitors from the Hunter and surrounding areas, with the Formula 500’s, Compact Speedcars and Outlaw Karts amongst others expressing interest in running as soon as the latest round of track upgrades are complete.

Racing looks to commence at Lake Liddell in late-April 2021, and we wish Mitch and the team all the best with their preparations for an exciting inaugural season!

For more information on Lake Liddell and upcoming events, check out the website here and be sure to follow the following Facebook pages: Lake Liddell Speedbowl here and Formula Kart Events here .

Posted: 26/02/2021