As many clubs that have stood the test of time, Margaret River has seen plenty of changes. From the days of log/sleeper walls and clay embankments to the standards of today with concrete panels, catch fences and gates.
The continued progress of the club is a legacy from the past and present members also with strong support from local businesses.
Over the years many earthmoving companies, electricians, concretors and tradies have transformed the venue to be where it's at today.
This year the club has undertaken a fence upgrade to meet requirements of a 3 star rated track, the Speedway Australia grants program assisted financially to get this project up and running along with the support from key partners.
President Clint Hadley and Corey Holzmann are the drivers behind these major changes with the clubs next scope of works to be undertaken is enlarging the pit area and the long term goal of constructing a new pit shed for scrutineering and storage.
As with all clubs, sponsors are key and it is a testament to the club that after the turmoil and uncertainty in the world due to COVID-19 they managed to get their sponsors back on board.
From their naming rights partner Trade Hire,Hadley Earthworks,Cowara Contractors,Sutherland Contract, Matrix Towing,Ivix Industries, Podmore Holdings,Margaret River Steel Productsfor all their amazing work for the catch fence upgrades and sponsorship throughout season.
Other sponsors that can't be forgotten for their loyal support are:
Atlas Linen
Down South Wholesalers
City Discount Tyre
Prestige Panel & Paint
Leeuwin Transport Margaret River
The first meeting kicks off on the 21st of November and we wish Club President Clint Hadley and everyone at the club well for the upcoming season.
More info can be found on their website and Facebook page


Posted: 20/11/2020