It’s always important as a sport that we are constantly keeping an eye on general safety throughout speedway events and continually educating wherever possible. The Speedway Australia rulebook covers a wide range of general health and safety rules which need to be followed at events.

One rule in particular is around the use of axle stands, or lack thereof anytime someone is positioned under a race car. Rule 18.1.5. Axle stands must be used at all times if a person is working under a Race Car. On our travels to venues throughout the country we have recognised varying levels of compliance with this rule. Some teams are fantastic with safety first thinking, while others sometimes need a push in the right direction.

As divisional and track leaders, we need you all to keep an eye on this as you walk through the pits. If you see a team not using axle stands, please give them a heads up on the rules and help spread the word before we see any unfortunate & unnecessary accidents.

Posted: 8/01/2021