Speedway Australia has recently reviewed its helmet standards and is pleased to advise of an expanded range of options in a large number of categories.

Junior drivers now have even more choice when purchasing a new race helmet, with the addition of three new standards, specifically designed for youth competitors. These new standards are SFI 24.1, Snell CMR2016, and Snell CMS2016.

If your division allows the use of the AS/NZS 1698:2006 helmets, there is now an additional allowance for the use of the European UN ECE 22.05 helmets. Please ensure you check your specific divisional requirements listed in the rule book. Full information can be found from page 101.

Link: https://www.speedwayaustralia.org/media.ashx/speedway-australia-rulebook-v2.pdf#page=98%22%3E

Posted: 9/10/2017